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AVN-1811 Vocal Elimination PCBA

  1. Product Features:
    1. Small size, easy to install;
    2. Large power supply voltage range: 5-12V;
    3. Single-ended input.
  1. Main selling points:
    1. Output power: PO: 500mw
    2. The power supply voltage range is large: 5-12V
    3. Original vocal elimination technology
    4. Low quiescent current (3mA)
  2. Specifications:

Power type: DC 5V~12V power supply

Outline size: 39*31mm

Output power: 500mw

Rated input: 500~1000MV

Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C

  1. Application:
    1. TV audio, karaoke audio etc.;
    2. DIY enthusiasts
  2. Package:

Independent anti-static bubble bag packaging

  1. Product detail:

AVN1811 is a karaoke singing song elimination integrated circuit, mainly used in TV audio, karaoke audio and other aspects.

Input signal frequency
  1. Wiring instructions:
  1. Size: