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What is AT&S PCB?

AT&S PCB is a very reliable choice for different advanced applications. This company is known as one of the top manufacturers of the high end PCBs (printed circuit boards) as well as IC substrates all over the world.

At AT&S PCB locations present in Asia and Europe, the company manufactures and develops high technological solutions to serve its partners globally, most especially for the applications in some areas. These include consumer and computer electronics, communication, medical, industry, and mobility.

AT&S PCB, a global enterprise, has a well-known global presence, having facilities for production in Austria (Fehring and Leoben) as well as plants in Korea (Ansan, close to Seoul), China (Chongqing, Shanghai) and India (Nanjangud).

Furthermore, AT&S PCB offers high technological printed circuit boards for high tech applications. The printed circuit board forms an interface in-between the electronic devices as well as their electronic and mechanical components, for example semiconductors. In addition, the AT&S PCB is very useful in mobile devices. These include

  • Smart watches, smartphones, notebooks, tablets, etc.
  • The industrial electronics, such as sensors, process control, etc.
  • Different automotive applications like transmission control, security and camera systems etc.
  • Health and medical technology; these include pacemakers, hearing aids, etc.

Applications of AT&S PCB

High Technological Focus

At AT&S PCB, they industrialize the leading edge technologies that form their major business segments. These segments include automotive, mobile devices, medical and industrial. Furthermore, at the Chongqing site in China, AT&S PCB has been involved in the production of two newly-developed technologies dated since 2016. These are the IC substrates as well as the substrate like PCBs (printed circuit boards).

Basis of almost all the electronic devices

The printed circuit board forms the basis of almost all the electronic devices out there. This makes them form a very important part of our daily life as well as our future. This trend going towards more powerful and smaller products like wearables (including smart watches, fitness trackers, etc.), machine communication during production, as well as the rising networking of some vehicles (i.e. autonomous driving), helps in raising the requirements that are placed on the PCBs (printed circuit boards).

Furthermore, additional components, that are also getting very complex, must be accepted and accommodated in the smaller areas, having an increasing data volume.

What are the Products and Technology Offered by AT&S PCB?

Product Portfolio, Research and Development, and Technology

Cost and technological considerations help in determining the PCB type is useful for the given applications. Furthermore, AT&S PCB specializes in some particular technologies that allows it to provide different products to its customers as well as make sure of high quality and efficient manufacturing. In addition, the end consumers usually deal with the AT&S PCB products in so many guises in their daily life.

Technology leader

The last few years has seen AT&S PCB transform into a technology leader. This huge success is coming from their strong record of product replacement and constant innovation.

What is the Mission and Vision of AT&S PCB?

AT&S PCB purchasing makes sure of the competitiveness, as well as the top-quality standards of customers by bringing in the need of suppliers to coordinate with the needs and capability of the global sites.


The mission of AT&S PCB is to drive the entire AT&S purchasing volume globally to make sure the quality is of the highest grade, as well as competitiveness via a complete cost approach that serves all the AT&S PCB locations.

The Value Statement

  • AT&S PCB is very transparent
  • The company also documents all its activities as well as decisions internally
  • Also, the company communicates the rationale of the decisions and activities externally

AT&S PCB Target orientation

  • AT&S PCB plans and communicates their goals
  • Also, AT&S PCB offers the expected services onto the external partners

Global teamwork

  • AT&S PCB is responsive and flexible
  • This company can also serve as your one stop shop

What does AT&S Focus on?

AT&S PCB contributes greatly to the general success of the whole AT&S Group. This they achieve by:

  • Suppliers that are value driven, which are developing and growing together with AT&S PCB
  • AT&S PCB also forms a long term relationship with partners and suppliers. This is to make sure of the best cost, quality, and available technology
  • Joint projects and development helps in increasing the AT&S PCB competitive standing as well as its partners
  • AT&S PCB offers standardization of services and products that doesn’t offer a differentiation of the company from its competitors
  • Also, AT&S PCB work with suppliers that offer top-quality chain systems and performance
  • AT&S PCB complies with environment protection, safety and health, as well as quality standards. These standards include ISO 900x, ISO 14001, and TS 16949). They also comply with their code of conduct

AT&S Manufactures and Develops Miniaturized PCBs for the Medical Technology

Considering the trend falling towards the digitization and miniaturization in medical technology, the most recent miniature PCBs have been introduced by AT&S PCB.

You can consider these components as useful in medical devices and therapy like pacemaker, neurostimulators, and hearing aids. This helps in monitoring the important signs, as well as for imaging and diagnosis. AT&S PCB is included among the few printed circuit board manufacturers certified to the EN ISO 13485 standard for different medical devices.

Also, miniaturizing the medical assemblies need very small dimensions for the PCB and interconnect solutions. The conductor also helps in the tracking of distances and widths, which are presently just 50 μm, and still getting smaller.

Furthermore, the HDI circuits are useful in controlling as well as adjusting the prostheses unit.  For the prosthesis too, the flexible printed circuit boards are useful for the implementation of the dynamic movements.

For the base material (very flexible) with the rolled copper plays an important role in ensuring the needed bending cycles as well as its low and bending radii. In addition, the strength and durability of these stressed parts is better increased by some special surfaces (also called carbon print).


AT&S PCB offers high technological printed circuit boards for high tech applications. This company is known as one of the top manufacturers of the high end PCBs (printed circuit boards) as well as IC substrates all over the world.

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