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What is Al-Substrate CCL

Al-Substrate CCL

Thermal conduct Al-Substrate CCL provides the advantages of high thermal conductivity, Excellent solder heat endurance, Excellent Breakdowm Voltage, reliability, Thermal Conductivity is about five~ ten times higher than the FR-4 pcb , PCB produced by the substrate can transfer heat , which is electrionic components generate , throughing the substrate structure rapid conduct to the back-end cooling base or other cooling modules. Al-Substrate CCL is a sandwich structure, which includes layers of conductor ,insulator and metal base.

In genaral, this insulator is made of epoxy resin and high thermal Conductivity filler. The products have been through a number of demanding for a long time environmental testing, access to international certification. Huazheng new material has a strong R&D strength, which continued to develop avariety of high Thermal Conductivity pcb products. Thermal conductivity 1.0~3.0 W/ M·K,It can fit the demand of high end and mid-range products,with high cost performance. All products pass RoHS standard, have good property andmeet low-carbon environmental trend.


Excellent thermal conductivity

Excellent Breakdowm Voltage

RoHS compliance

Excellent solder heat endurance

Excellent mechanical properties

Excellent electromagnetic shielding

Can use external cooling device directly

High cost performance

Al-Substrate CCL

Single Al-Substrate CCL offers various kinds ouf combination of base metal,copper foil,and dielectric layers to meet the general requirement of single layer thermal conductive printed circuit board

Double Al-Substrate CCL is good for general requirement ouf multilayer or thineer shape printed

circuit board. ACCL is a sandwich structure, which includes layers of copper foil, thermal conductive

dielectric layer, and lower copper foil

Al-Substrate CCL


Circuit Layer – Electrolysis copper foil

Thermally Conductive Dielectric Layer –This offers electrical isolation with minimum thermal resistance.

two types: Fiberglass support & non-fiberglass support.

Aluminum pcb SubstrateIt –supports the entire structure and conducts the heat.

The material is aluminum alloy plate.

Al-Substrate CCL


LED lighting pcb、Public lighting、Backlight module、outdoor LED display

Automotive (Vehiche lighting、regulator、converters、Power module)

Industrial electronics (DC-DC converter、Power supplies、Solid-State Relays

transistor modules)


The area needs high heat dissipation

Al-Substrate CCL


General purpose. It is used widely in consumer lighting、outdoor LED display and backlight applications

Standard thermal conductivity. It is used in public lighting、Digital、PC、Audio、Automotive applications

High thermal conductivity. It is used in high power LED lighting、Automotive applications、Industrial


High thermal conductivity、Low thermal resistance. It is used in high power applications

 *Note:Thermal resistance samples use Aluminum SubstrateIt with 1mm aluminium alloy

plate ,35um copper foil and 75um insulating layer, Using laser (E1461) test method and calculate the result.

According to CPCA4105-2010《 Printed Circuit Metal Base Copper-Clad Laminate 》, the Al-Substrate CCL thermal resistance and its insulating layer thermal conductivity have the relation .

  • Dielectric Breakdown Voltage

HA50 product has excellent dielectric Breakdown Voltage even after solder dippling

Al-Substrate CCL

Dielectric Breakdown Voltage test value refers to the value of  Al-Substrate CCL, and not

Al-Substrate  PCB test value. Because of design and the air facor, the Al-Substrate  PCB test value will

be lower than the value of substrate.

  • Peeling Strength

HA50 product has excellent Peeling Strength even after solder dippling