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ADM2682EBRIZ: A Digital Isolator Powered with the Magnetic Coupling Technology

Can an isolated device, let alone a digital isolator work alone? It appears to be so and that is what we have seen in ADM2682EBRIZ. It is a fully-integrated 5 kV signal and power-isolated data transceiver, equipped with some of the best security architectures.

In this article, we talk about the isolator’s role in circuit boards and some of the technical properties.

The ADM2682E Background

ADM2682E or ADM2687E are two of the digital isolator families by Analog Devices Incorporated. They are designed to be fully-integrated, 5 kV signal and power-isolated data transceivers, optimized for the multipoint transmission lines and high-speed communication markets.

Little wonder why these isolators are used to create a dedicated isolation pathway for a wide range of applications, including the industrial field networks and isolated RS-422 interfaces.

On its part, ADM2682EBRIZ uses a unidirectional channel, and a magnetic coupling technology.

Continue reading to learn more about this digital isolator.

The Relevance of ADM2682EBRIZ’s Magnetic Coupling


Different process technologies are deployed when building digital circuits. The most popular are Surface Mount Technology (SMT) and Through-Hole Technology (THT). However, there are more of these process technologies out there. The Magnetic Coupling technology is one of those.

According to GlobalSpec, magnetic coupling has to do with the “non-contact couplings that use a magnetic field to transfer torque, force or movement from one rotating member to another.”

The idea is that using a magnetic coupling technology helps to solidify the synergy among the component-parts of the ADM2682EBRIZ.

Wondering why this is important? Bartleby affirms that using magnetic coupling technology goes a long to facilitate the transfer of energy from one component-part or device to the other(s).

Thus, ADM2682EBRIZ’s configuration with magnetic coupling helps in fast-tracking the transfer of electric energy from one circuit to the other.

These are some of the reasons why it is a great process technology:

1. Less Heat Dissipation

Heat dissipation or thermal energy production is one important consideration to make when building a digital circuit. You want to be sure that there is an exposed pad or any other source of heat dissipation pathway to get rid of the excessive heat generated in the process of building and using the circuit board.

On the contrary, you can count on the ADM2682EBRIZ to effectively manage heat dissipation, because it doesn’t generate much in the first place.

2. Flexible Movement

Since ADM2682EBRIZ doesn’t encounter much friction, the same can be extended to the component-parts, thereby, promoting an excellent interaction.

3. Less Noise

Noise pollution is minimal too because magnetic coupling technology produces less noise, than is obtainable with some other circuit board process technology.

4. The isoPower Technology

ADM2682EBRIZ’s magnetic coupling is not the only process technology used with the circuit board. It also uses the isoPower Technology.

How does it work? The isoPower Technology works by using a variety of high-frequency switching elements to switch, move or transfer power (current) via the transformer.

5. Integrated Isolation Capabilities

As an integrated and power-isolated transceiver, ADM2682EBRIZ ensures that it offers a one-stop solution. The solution therein is offered in the form of an integrated 5 kV rms isolated dc-to-dc power supply. The integration of this solution helps to cut out the need for any other (external) dc-to-dc isolation block.

6. Balanced Current and Thermal Properties

One of the limitations to working on digital circuits is unstable current or power. From damaging the board to causing serious damages to the components, there are lots of disadvantages to an unstable current.

ADM2682EBRIZ addresses that with the fair balancing of the current (power) and thermal (heat) perspectives. For example, it has a current limiting feature, which helps in keeping the circuit board safer in output short circuits. The thermal shutdown feature sees to the shutting down of the digital circuit’s heat dissipation when it becomes excessive.

How the 5000Vrms Voltage Isolator Works

ADM2682EBRIZ uses the 5000Vrms voltage isolator – one of the best out there. It is a type of digital isolator that separates the different (digital) circuits.

Although it separates these circuits, it doesn’t entirely leave them to it. Rather, the 5000Vrms voltage isolator still paves the way for signals or current to be transferred between or among the separated circuits.

Mono-Package Integration

To combine most of the important elements into one package, ADM2682EBRIZ uses the iCoupler technology. It is a process technology by Analog Devices Incorporated, the same company that manufactures ADM2682EBRIZ.

By using this process technology, ADM2682EBRIZ allows the target devices to integrate or combine the trio of a differential input receiver, 3-channel isolator and a three-state differential line driver.

It also combines the isoPower process technology’s dc-to-dc converter with the above into a single package.

This method doesn’t only keep the most significant components under “one roof” but also enhances the actualization of the RS-485 isolated solution via the combination of the 3.3 volts and the 5 volts single power supply.

ADM2682EBRIZ’s Technical Properties

Below are some of the core properties of the ADM2682EBRIZ digital isolator:

  • Maximum propagation delay of 100 nanoseconds (ns).
  • It supports up to three (3) channels.
  • The maximum rise and fall time are 15 nanoseconds (ns).
  • The operating temperature is between 40˚C and 85˚C.
  • The minimum common mode transient immunity is pegged at 25kV/µs
  • ADM2682EBRIZ’s voltage supply is between 3.3 volts and 5 volts.

ADM2682EBRIZ Supports Multiple Safety Protocols

Security is of the utmost importance, irrespective of the target applications. ADM2682EBRIZ upholds security and that is evident both in the wide range of supported safety controls and the embedded security architecture.

For the built-in security, it uses the ±15 kV ESD protection on the RS-485 Input and Output (I/O) pins.

It also supports open-and-short circuit, with the fail-safe receiver inputs.

For the safety protocols, it aligns with the following:

  • VDE Certificates of Conformity
  • UL Recognition
  • CSA Component Acceptance Notice #5A

Wrapping Up

ADM2682EBRIZ is not yet obsolete, so you can get your hands on it. In addition, Analog Devices Incorporated, the manufacturer, has some other devices you may want to check out. On the list are the ADUM4160BRWZ-RL and the MAX22245BAWA+.




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