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3 Treatment Methods for PCB Vias

PCB Vias  is A VIA hole in a PCB consists of two pads in corresponding positions on different layers of the board , plating copper to connect layers after drilling hole .

PCB Vias

First of all, we have to understand a question, what is the Via? Via is also called plating Through  hole. In double-layer and multi-layer boards, in order to connect the circuit between the layers,Drill the same hole at the intersection of the circuits that need to be connected to each layer.

There are three ways of Via process: Via with solder mask opening; Covered Via with solder mask; Plugged Via with solder mask.

1. PCB Via with solder mask opening: Via ring requires PCB soldering, usually used to debug measurement signals, but the disadvantage is that they can easily cause short circuit.

Via with Solder Mask Opening

2. Covered Via with solder mask:Covered Via ring  with solder mask ink.

Covered Via with Solder Mask

3. Plugged Via with solder mask :Covered Via ring with solder mask ink and plugged Via.

Plugged Via with Solder Mask

PCB vias Inspection standards for three treatment methods:

1. Inspection standards for Via with solder mask opening:It can be soldering.

2. Inspection standards for covered Via with solder mask:It can not be soldering.

3. Inspection standards for Plugged Via with solder mask: The solder mask Ink on the  Via surface and It blocks the light.

PCB Vias is very important for PCB function , Make sure Plating enough copper on the holes when production , Ray PCB have rich experience in PCB vias process, we deliver products on time and support low-volume and high volume production requirements to meet the different needs of our customers, contact us for a quote today!

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