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2023 The 24th India HVAC & R Exhibition


Acrex India is an international exhibition on air conditioning, refrigeration and building services. It will provide an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas among professionals and the opportunity to highlight the latest products, trends and innovations in the industry. Special focus is on products and services for energy efficiency and saving. Target visitors of the fair are air conditioning, refrigeration and heating and ventilation engineers, architects and interior designers, facility managers as well as end users from the private and public sector. Acrex India also includes various technical workshops and lectures on selected subjects.

2019 The 20th India HVAC & R Exhibition

Date: 28 Feb – 2 March 2021

Address:Mumbai Exhibition Centre, Mumbai, India

Exhibition criteria

1. Air conditioning:window air conditioner, split air conditioner, combined air conditioner, roof air conditioner, humidifier, dehumidifier, combined air conditioning unit, evaporative condensation system;

2. Refrigeration equipment:centrifugal pumps, screws, screws, reciprocating pumps, steam absorbers;

3. Heating equipment:steam pipes and containers, heat recovery systems, boilers, burners;

4. Refrigeration equipment:refrigeration board production machine, freezer, condenser, industrial and commercial freezer, water dispenser, ice machine;

5.  Ventilation system:air handling unit, fan coil unit, thin steel pipe, insulated pipe, ventilation grille, air diffuser, air filter, shock absorber, insulation equipment / sound insulation equipment, VAV system, duct Cleaning machine

6. Water supply system:cooling towers, pumps, water pipes, valves and fittings, variable hydraulic systems, water treatment devices and chemistry;

7. Building management system:building automation system, security system, instrumentation;

8. Fire management equipment: fire dampers, fire sluices, smoke control systems, fire alarm systems, fire protection systems;

9. Accessories:motor, frequency control system, switchgear, cable and wire, indoor air purifier, test balance equipment, thermal insulation products, anti-shock devices, cleaning appliances, compressors and exchangers.

Acrex India 2019