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2021 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Exhibition

Exhibition time: January 8-11 2021

Venue: North America-USA-Las Vegas Convention Center

Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Exhibition

Entertainment: games, TV, monitors, speakers, music players, radio, headphones, audio, electronic gifts, virtual reality and other digital products;

Car: autonomous driving, vehicle technology, automotive electronics, navigation, audio and video products, etc.;

Health: digital health, wearable products, sleep technology, etc.

Home: home Entertainment Electronics, Home Appliances, Smart Home, Digital camera, Printer, Scanner, etc.

2019 Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Exhibition

Internet of things: IOT, Smart City, Cloud Storage, Network Security, Information Security, big data, etc.

Product design and production: 3D printing,PCB design, procurement and packaging, sustainability design;

Robot and mechanical technology: artificial intelligence, UAV, robot;

Communication products: mobile phone, personal computer, communication hardware, software, audio / digital / image communication, communication accessories,

Sports: e-sports, sports technology, balance car, bicycle, etc.