2019 44th Dubai International Electric Lighting and New Energy Exhibition

(Middle East Electricity 2019)

Middle East Electricity in 2019 continues to energise the industry by uniting the global power community. The world's leading power event brings together leading manufacturers, global experts, governments, procurement, project managers and contractors to drive cost-effectiveness and efficiency and move projects forward.

Discover the thousands of power products and innovative technologies that are energising the industry.

middle east electricity

Date: 5 - 7 MARCH 2019 | 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM




Exhibition criteria

  1. Power equipment:power station equipment, substation equipment and power transmission equipment, high and low voltage electrical switches, power control system testing equipment, cable and wire materials, generator sets equipment; cable control equipment, capacitors, etc.


  1. lighting: outdoor lighting, architectural lighting, lighting equipment, lighting accessories, commercial / office lighting, decorative and special lighting, emergency / industrial lighting, floodlights, outdoor lighting and street lights, concealed lights, special purpose lighting, switches Wait.


  1. Water conservancy equipment and technology: water storage tanks, water pipes, irrigation and drainage equipment, pumps and engines, pure water purification equipment, wastewater recycling systems, water pollution monitoring and analysis equipment and various water treatment technologies.


  1. New and renewable energy: wind power, solar technology, energy consumption monitoring and services, energy measurement, environment, environmental consulting, environmental research, power and wind power plants, recycling systems (solid, liquid, steam) etc.

New Energy Exhibition

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