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Why 0603 SMD Package Sizes are Popular in the PCB Industry

The standardization in the electrical and electronics industry has made it possible for through-hole components to always have a surface-mount equivalent for circuit boards. Designers and engineers have several alternatives for common components that are in a standard footprint. Therefore, designers can source large volumes of comparable components from several manufacturers and replace a component if it isn’t available.

SMD components feature common land patterns and package sizes. The ECAD software can help to replace obsolete SMD components. The 0603 SMD passives are very popular in the electronics industry. Also, the low price, small land area, and ease of assembly of 0603 SMD makes it a popular choice among designers.

What are SMD Sizes?

SMDs feature several dimensions. The size and shape of SMT resistors are usually standardized. Most manufacturers integrate the JEDEC standards. A numerical code like 1206, 1210, and 0603 indicates the size of SMD resistors.  The SMD package code can be in metric or imperial units. Generally, the imperial code is widely used to specify the package size.

However, designers use the metric dimensions during PCB design. The size of the SMD resistor utilized majorly depends on the minimum feature size of the PCB, the limitations of pick-and-place equipment, and the required power rating. There are several specifications and dimensions of surface mount packages.

What is 0603 SMD?

0603 is a numerical code that indicates the size of SMD resistors. This code specifies the height and width of the SMD package. Therefore, 0603 SMD means that an SMD packages features 0.060” in length and 0.030” width. Furthermore, the SMD package footprints feature two different sizing and naming standards that indicate footprints for 0603 components in imperial and metric units.

Therefore, the 0603 SMD component generally refers to the imperial version of a 0603 package footprint. Also, the 0603 SMD metric package features similar dimensions as a 0201 imperial package.

Dimensions and Land Patterns for SMDs


The IPC 7351 standard offers some restrictions on land patterns and pad sizes. As a result, not all 0603 SMDs feature similar dimensions. This is a great idea for designers that need to verify the dimension of the 0603’s datasheet to know if it matches the typical sizing. Therefore, designers might encounter mistakes later when they assume all 0603s are similar.

Generally, the arrangement of the land pad extends above the edge of the electrical contacts. Therefore, this leaves space for soldering during assembly and as well enables minor shifts in the component without the creation of any open circuit.

Land pattern standards

IPC 7351 is the standard designed by the IPC as regards SMT footprints. Various CAD tools feature a footprint generator that will design compliant land patterns for footprints.

MELF Resistor Package Sizes

MELF which stands for Metal electrode leadless face is a type of surface mount resistor package. One great thing about MELF is that it features better stability and lower thermal coefficient. Also, the TCR i.e temperature coefficient of resistance of MELF resistors ranges between 25 to 50 ppm/K. However, standard thick film SMD resistors feature a TCR less than or equal to 200 ppm/K.

MELF features a lower TCR because of its cylindrical construction. Also, the cylindrical construction offers package disadvantages primarily when components placement requires the use of pick and place machines. As a result of their round shape, there is a need for more vacuum.

0603 SMD Electrical Ratings

 0603 SMD packages have no standard set of electrical ratings. Capacitors, resistors, and inductors feature different specifications. Therefore, these values rely on the materials for building the component. Generally, 0603 inductors’ inductance value will be lower than that of larger packages. The same thing goes for capacitors.

However, these setbacks are due to the fact that these values rely on the package size. 0603 SMD capacitors usually feature low voltage ratings since the electric field between the capacitor’s ends will be extremely high when the package becomes small.  The current/power ratings for inductors and resistors are low since these ratings cause heat in the package. Also, a small package needs less heat to heat up.

It is crucial to utilize larger components when designing a high current/ high voltage. There are special 0603 RF inductors and capacitors for high-frequency RF systems. The parasitic values of the capacitors and inductors are weak in the package. Therefore, their impedance will be very reliable. Once you decide on the type of components needed, use an E-parts finder to quickly locate 0603 package footprints.

Also, you can locate the components needed when looking for 3D models and 0603 package footprints. Furthermore, you can locate the components needed by using the parts search features. You will be able to access CAD models from manufacturers. You can import these CAD models into ECAD applications. Also, you access sourcing information from distributors across the world.

More Facts about 0603 SMD

When you look into an electronic device these days, you will find thousands of tiny components. These tiny components are surface mount devices. These components are usually installed with the help of surface mount technology. Instead of integrating traditional components that feature wire guides, engineers and designers prefer to use surface mount devices.

Also, these components are usually mounted on the surface of printed circuit boards and they are often tiny. SMDs are specially designed in a way that they are directly placed and soldered on a circuit board. However, it is crucial to understand that these surface mount devices are available in different sizes. Also, it is important to know the right size that suits your requirements.

The 0603 SMD size is commonly used among PCB manufacturers. The 0603 is a code that describes the size of surface mount devices. Size is one of the physical characteristics of surface mount devices. SMD capacitors and resistors feature rectangular packages with designations. These designations represent inch based measurements.


0603 SMD package sizes are popularly integrated by PCB manufacturers. This article discussed crucial details about the 0603 SMD package size. The 0603 refers to the length and width of a surface mount device.




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