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PCB Assembly Equipment

PCB Assembly Equipment

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Competent staff handling PCB assembly equipment

Our PCB board assembly equipment is handled and maintained by qualified staff that is backed by several years of experience in the PCB assembly industry. With their technical acumen as a backdrop we are able to provide outstanding service using our world-class PCB assembly equipment.

Detailed table on assembly line

When it comes to Printed Circuit Board assembly, we are clearly a leader in the arena. A look at the table given below will reveal our capability. The table highlights the equipment, model and manufacturer to give you a picture of our PCB assembly services.

PCB OEM services

OEM equipment that is a class apart!

From PCB Input to SMT Assembly and from Wave Soldering to PCB Card testing, the OEM equipment used is truly world class. As a leading Printed Circuit Board manufacturer in China, we have what it takes to excel using state-of-the-art OEM equipment.

OEM equipment in keeping with quality standards

There are several Printed Circuit Board manufacturers that profess to offer quality products. However, many fall short of international standards. At RayMing, we take pride in our OEM equipment, which sets the bar high!

Attention to detail

From step one till delivery and packaging, we look into every detail so you get a high-performance product. Our OEM equipment gives us the competitive edge to outshine competition. Today, we hold the number one spot. As a quality Printed Circuit board manufacturer in China, we strive to bring perfection a step closer.

Pls send your Gerber files And Bom list to 

PCB Assembly House 

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DIP PCB assembly line







X-RAY testing

pcba xray

pcb assembly

pcba testing

pcba function testing

pcba fixture testing