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  • led 1206 strip led 1206 strip

Led 1206 strip

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Quick Overview

As an ISO 9001 leading led PCB  manufacturer. We offer all kinds of LED PCB Product.For example:single led PCB board,double led PCB board, multi-layer led PCB board.

This is a led strip for 1206 led chip.

View our led PCB capabilities or contact us to learn more

Email/ whatsapp:+86 15712125641 wechat:0086-18310639721 or please scan my two-dimensional code 

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 RayMing is a led pcbmanufacturer,we supply 1W, 3W,5W,7W, 9W,12W,18W,30W, 100W,125W, 150W..

We produce led strip for chips 5050,3030,1206....

 Welcome to contact Us, We will give perfect solution for your products.

Led PCB Products : Led strip, Led Tube , Outdoor LED advertising screen, LED Lamp, Waterproof Led , 1.5m Led and so on . led PCB services: led PCB design,led PCB Prototype, led PCB assembly......

Example LED PCBs 


Led PCB/Aluminum PCB /Metal Core PCB / MCPCB (Enquiry pls send to )

MCPCB, Metal Core PCB, thermal PCB -  whichever name you prefer, they are all boards which use a base metal material as the heat spreader portion of the circuit board.

Base metals in the MCPCB are used as an alternative to FR4 or CEM3 boards for the ability to dissipate heat away from critical board components and to less crucial areas such as the metal heatsink backing or metallic core.

Metal Core PCB Materials and Thickness

The metal core of the thermal PCB can be aluminum (aluminum core PCB), copper (copper core PCB or a heavy copper PCB) or a mixture of special alloys. The most common is an aluminum core PCB.

The thickness of metal cores in PCB base plates is typically 30 mil - 125 mil, but thicker and thinner plates are possible.

MCPCB copper foil thickness can be 1 - 10 oz.

RayMing Aluminum PCB Capacity :

RayMing can produce 1 Layer, 2 Layer ,4 Layer and 6 layer Aluminum PCB . Multilayer aluminum PCB is mainly used by high power industrial products ,Like outdoor Led screen . 

Solder mask color :  White , Black , We can provide super white color for Led PCB to improve the Led lumen. 


Find a AIuminum PCB Manufacturerand Supplier. Choose Quality AIuminum PCB Manufacturers, Suppliers, Exporters at to send your design  to 


Advanced production equipment        

Advanced equipment


Precision testing equipment

Precision testing equipment

Our customers

our customers


Thank you very much for your attention, we will provide high quality products with competitive price.Welcome you to contact me at any time.This is Ivy.

Email/  whatsApp:+86 15712125641  wechat:0086-18310639721

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