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BOM of PCB Assembly

Friday, March 10, 2017 11:07:34 AM Asia/Shanghai

BOM(Bill Of Material), a simple definition that "records the product composition required to use the material form."

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Posted in PCB Technology By eva eva

BOM Design

Thursday, August 9, 2012 2:23:54 PM Asia/Shanghai

BOM (Bill Of Material)

1. Coverage: We make BOM for all products, to achieve 99% coverage's rate. 2. In time : That is two meanings: 1). Make in time; 2). Updated in time. We make and update the BOM, update the engineering in time. BOM must be completed before the MRP, update engineering must be completed before the material set. 3, Accuracy: more than 98% accuracy's rate for BOM. Arbitrary demolish a real assembly in comparison with BOM, as single-layer structure of the unit to statistics, there is an inconsistent, accuracy of the structure will be judged as 0. BOM (Bill Of Material), also known as material sheet. It's the important of one for the management of manufacturing, the simple definition as "the form of record the required material for product's components."

Function of BOM: 1. The computer identify the materials based on it. 2. It's the basis for prepared plan. 3. It's the basis for assembly and apply for material. 4. Tracking process according to it. 5. It's basis for procurement and outside support. 6. Calculate the cost according to it. 7. As reference for the offer. 8. Retroactive material. 9. Make the design as serialization and standardization, generalization

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Posted in PCB Technology By Ted -RayPCB
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