At RayMing we manufacture Printed Circuit Boards that exceed international benchmarks. As a front-runner in the PC board design industry, we have proven to be a PCB manufacturer that is both competent and cost effective.


In-depth Printed Circuit Board industry knowledge


We excel in providing you with superior PCB boards to meet your exact requirement. As a PCB manufacturer that has an in-depth understanding of the Printed Circuit Board domain, we have the competence to offer you quality boards in the specification and quantity that you desire.

Adherence to PCB board quality standards


Manufactured under stringent IPC standards, our Printed Circuit Boards will prove to be a value add to your electronic equipment’s success. RayMing continues to keep abreast with the latest happenings in the Printed Circuit board industry, so we can offer you a product that is exceptional yet within your price range. With superior technical capabilities we are well equipped to handle unique client needs.


Boards we offer


Our Printed Circuit Boards include: gold plating PCB, immersion Gold PCB, hot air leaving PCB, PCB with gold finger, PCB with blind and buried holes, aluminum based PCB, PCB for high frequency, ultra-thick PCB, Ultra-thin PCB, PCB for power supply, PCB with heavy copper, PCB with impedance control. Choosing RayMing as your PCB manufacturer will satisfy you even in the long run. Whether it is in performance or price our Printed Circuit boards outshine the rest.