(1) Rapid component procurement;

We offer turnkey service, you just need to send me your BOM list, whether you got the BOM list through our reverse engineering service or self-design one, we accept the service type as consignment (you supply all parts) and purchase various components options to help you reduce cost and lead-time.

(2) Conventional through-hole assemblies;

We have dedicated manpower to handle this complete task with high efficiency and high-level quality;

(3) Surface mount technology (SMT);

High-Speed automatic pick and place machine with precision work help you finish the task quickly and perfect;

(4) Selective conformal coating;

(5) Press-fit and back plane assembly;

(6) Electro-mechanical and subassembly builds;

(7) Complete connector and wire harness assembly;

(8) Wire harness test and verification;

(9) In-circuit, flying probe, and functional test.

We can offer electric test for all the pcb assembly product ready to ship to you, cross functional team can study the all product and do the function testing if required.

Our quick-turn prototyping service can assemble your boards within 24 hours. We can handle small quantity as well as mass productions. All our services are at a very competitive price and with 100% quality assurance.